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Thank you for visiting us to learn about our "RENT-TO-OWN HOMEOWNERSHIP PROGRAM." The program is designed to help working families with the typical "homeownership-limiting" problems buy a NICE HOME IN A GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD and then take as much as two years for them to resolve the three most common issues blocking families from owning a home and BREAKING THE APARTMENT RENTAL CYCLE -- POOR CREDIT SCORES, A LIMITED WORK HISTORY, or a LACK OF A HUGE DOWN PAYMENT (which is typically 10% to 20% plus another 3%-6% or more for closing costs). Our Rent-To-Own program generally requires a more manageable non-refundable option fee, no specific credit score (you'll be recommended a credit improvement strategy), and a 12-month work history with the same employer (individuals who are self-employed are welcome). Although our inventory of available homes fluctuates monthly, be assured we'll call you back quickly once we receive your inquiry to assess your unique situation, answer any questions, and plan the way forward. Let's work together in 2020 in your goal of owning a nice home in a great neighborhood. We can help!

Homeownership is the foundation of financial excellence!

Why homeownership?

1) It offers tax deductibility (interests/taxes)! 

2) It increases in value over time!

3) It increases your net worth exponentially!

4) It improves your borrowing power!

5) It contributes to family security and stability!


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